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What is a Product Data Feed and why do I need it?

Product feeds exist as a way of defining what products are within your inventory.

They include useful information such as the Product Name, Product Image, Stock Level, etc.

Bunting can read this data to begin attaching statistical probabilities that a user will purchase a particular product, and is the core of how the recommendation algorithm learns about your company.

What formats are supported?

We support XML and CSV/TSV formats.

What does it do?

This is where Bunting gains its knowledge of your products. This data is crucial to get the most value out of Bunting. A product feed with an updated index of products will allow the platform to provide much more efficiently.

Product feeds are ingested by default every 12 hours, and new products are then reasoned about.

Where can I add this within Bunting?







Within your Website Dashboard, there is the Installation section > Product Data.

Here you will be given three choices. The last two are the most reliable and easiest to implement.


Product Data Feed options using Bunting.

JavaScript will actively scan each of the products on your website to learn about your inventory. One issue with this is it can take 48 hours to ingest.

Google Feed will come with automatically if you have Google Shopping set up. They mark and easy way to integrate with us, however you will lose the ability to convey stock levels which are useful for scarcity messaging.

The Bunting XML Feed is the most configurable of the options, with it having support for custom values, as well as the stock levels. The downsides of this is it will take time at your side to have your developer set this up.

How to setup the XML feed

Within Bunting, we have an extensive specification with all of the field values that can be included to get the most out of the XML feed. These fields are set into Mandatory, Recommended and Optional. The more information provided allows for a stronger basis for the use of this data with Campaigns.

Is there a limit to the number of products?

No, there is a limit to the amount of products which can be downloaded at once using the feed which is 5000. However, paging can be used in the URL to bypass this and allow feeds with many products in. Bunting can handle product data feeds in the hundreds of thousands.


The string above can be used by appending to the XML URL with the relevant page/size values.

Home Knowledgebase FAQs What is a Product Data Feed and why do I need it?