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How to add Urgency Messaging Tutorial

How is Urgency Messaging used?

This is a step by step tutorial on how you can setup Urgency Messaging using only the Visual Editor.

Common Sales Uplift of Urgency Messaging

Common Sales Uplift of Urgency Messaging

Urgency messaging invokes a fear of missing out, making a person act quickly. This means that a user is more likely to buy an item – they know it is running out, so they want it more.

Now the benefits of Urgency Messaging have been outlined, we can go ahead and start setting up our campaign for this.

Firstly we will select Create New Campaign -> From Scratch. This will then take us to the visitor targeting screen.

Visitor targeting

  • We know that this will always be shown on a product page, so we can add that rule by selecting Is viewing a product page is equal to YES.
  • Next, we can add Time current product has been viewed (TIMEFRAME). In this case it has been set to today, but it can be any timeframe within the targeting metric list.

    Urgency Messaging Targeting

    Urgency Messaging targeting for if a product has had more than 25 views today!

Once proceeding to the next screen, select Change website content. Then navigate to a product page within the visual editor by either following the links or by using the change web address option.

Awesome. Now we are ready to create our content.

Creating Urgency Messaging

Creating Urgency Messaging using the Visual Editor.

  • Select where on the page you want the urgency messaging to be inserted and right click Insert -> Text. 
  • Then enter the message that you want to be displayed with *|VIEWS|TODAY|* where the views figure should be.

The *|VIEWS|TODAY|* inside the text is what is known as a Merge Tag. These can be written into the text or adding by right clicking in a HTML or text input field. Then selecting the one you want and following the Dialogue prompts.

To see a more advanced guide on Merge Tags within Bunting you can follow this link.

Again, this is set up using the views from the day. However, as with the Visitor Targeting, this can be configured easily for other timeframes. ⏳


With regards to changing the design of the urgency messaging, for the sake of this tutorial, we will make it stand out be more visible to the user. But feel free to implement your own styles instead.

To do this simply right click the text element and within the menu go to Edit Appearance -> Text and change the font-weight to be bold and the font-size to be 16px.

Now you have completed all of the steps to creating Urgency Messaging to encourage conversion on your most viewed products.

Urgency Messaging Result

Home Knowledgebase Content Creation How to add Urgency Messaging Tutorial