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Setting up Category Specific Recommendations for Specific Pages

First, go into the Inactive Campaigns section within Bunting and create a new set of Product Recommendations by going to Create New Campaign. Then, select From Scratch which will take you to the visitor targeting step.

From here you can target a specific URL, for example, a specific promotion you are running on a type of product.

This can be done by opening up the visitor targeting and selecting current URL. Then you can paste the URL.

Ensure that the rule for this is set to Equal To. In addition to this, you can add any other visitor targeting metrics to this.

Once this has been done, select On To Next Step button on the right-hand side under your targeting rules.

For adding the product recommendations, using Bunting’s built-in templates you can select Product Recommendations. You’ll then get sent to Bunting’s visual editor and will be prompted to place them within the page.

Click the navigation prompt at the top to change the page displayed, “Click here to change web address in editor” and enter your URL and the visual editor will load that page.

You are now ready to place the recommendations.

In this instance, we will choose to place the recommendations below the campaign information but the position they are placed on the page is entirely up to you. Ideally, they should be placed as high up the fold of the page as possible.

Now they have been inserted, click on the Settings cog on the top right-hand corner of the visual editor and select Settings for Recommendations. From here, as well as being able to style your recommendations, you can filter what recommendations are shown.

To do this, Go to Content of Recommendations then Filters. From here you can filter the products shown in the recommendations by Category.

You can search through this list and add as many or as few categories to the filter as you require.

This guide can easily be applied to display recommendations of products of the same category of the page being viewed. This is great for scenarios where you have a large catalog of products and want to show the user alternatives to the product they are viewing.
All you have to do is change the URL visitor targeting rule to be Is Viewing a Product page and on the filters section, change it to use our special filtering rule of Category of the product / category page being viewed.

This could easily be transferred to other scenarios that require filtering of product recommendations for specific pages. That is all you need to show category-specific recommendations on specific URLs to help your campaigns.

Home Knowledgebase Content Creation Setting up Category Specific Recommendations for Specific Pages