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Product recommendations aren’t appearing on web pages

Is an A/B Test underway?

How to Diagnose: Find the segment containing the product recommendations, and click the ‘Split Test Experiment’ tab. If a test is underway, then this may be the reason. Also look at the action execution count under ‘Triggered Content’. If above zero then the recommendations are or have been displayed, which supports this reason.

Explanation: You are currently conducting a split test on your product recommendations, meaning that a percentage of your visitors, selected at random, are not seeing any recommendation content (called the ‘Control’ group). It is possible that you are one of the control visitors.

Please try loading up your website in your browser’s privacy mode to see if the recommendations appear. If they don’t then close the browser again. Try this a few times, and in the event of repeated failure let us know.

Is the content active?

How to Diagnose: Check that the segment, and the product recommendations within it are active. If nothing is active then you have your answer.

Explanation: The product recommendations action / segment is inactive, meaning that the content won’t be displayed on your website. To fix this issue, reactivate the relevant content.

Are any active products within Bunting?

How to Diagnose: If product entry is via an XML feed then click ‘Setup’ > ‘Product Data’. Is there a feed? Has it uploaded and imported products correctly?

Explanation: Bunting needs product data in order to show recommendations. If no data has been uploaded then no recommendations will appear. Make sure you have waited at least 24 hours after the first ever feed was uploaded, as there is a delay on first upload.

Are your product product images correct?

How to Diagnose: Check a few of the image URLs that you are sending to Bunting (either via your XML feed, or via Javascript). Do they load correctly?

Explanation: Bunting needs working images in order to show recommendations. If your image URLs don’t work correctly then you may see recommendations without images.

Home Knowledgebase Troubleshooting Product recommendations aren’t appearing on web pages