Can I still use Google Analytics if I install Bunting?

Can I still use Google Analytics if I install Bunting? Yes, of course! In fact, the first stage of the Measure Impact step is an option to turn on Google Analytics Event Tracking. Many of our clients still have Google Analytics and use it alongside Bunting. This allows them to make a more informed decision […]

By: Andy Alban 12th June 2018

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How to filter recommendations by Brand?

How to filter recommendations by Brand? This can be implemented on variations in a recommendations content campaign in the Recommendations Settings. Here if you navigate to Content of Recommendations then Filters there is a Brand Filters drop-down. From here there are 2 options. Only show products from the following brands: or Hide products from the […]

By: Andy Alban

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How do I change the Product Recommendations algorithm?

Within the content section of the Product Recommendation, select the Product Recommendation Settings. If you go to the Content of Recommendations section there is an algorithm dropdown. This can be accessed from the following breadcrumb trail: Inactive/Active Campaigns -> Product Recommendation Campaign -> Content -> Product Recommendation Variation -> Recommendation Settings By default, this is […]

By: Andy Alban

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Designing captivating lightbox content

Good content is the foundation of the web, and this should also be applicable to your lightbox content. We would recommend using the following lightbox guidelines: Size of no larger than 900x450px. Font Size of at least 16px. Clear contrasting colours, especially where the close button is concerned, and any other calls-to-action. Use either PNG or […]

By: Ben Smith

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Server Side A/B Split Testing with Bunting

Server-side split testing with Bunting is quick and easy to set up with this guide. However, before we continue, it is important to define what a server side split test is in Bunting, and how it differs from a client side split test. Definitions Server side: Content is delivered from your servers before page load, […]

By: Stephen Tucker 4th June 2018

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Information about the GDPR for Bunting Customers

This document details how Bunting complies with the GDPR, and is intended to help our users become GDPR compliant when using Bunting. Nothing in this document should be treated as legal advice, and we strongly recommend our users seek legal advice as part of their GDPR preparations. Bunting has been preparing for GDPR since early […]

By: Ben Smith 24th May 2018 Tags: ,

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How to update your email database in Bunting with customer consent (GDPR compliance)

It is now necessary to obtain consent from your customers in the EU in order to send email marketing communications, including abandoned cart emails. This ​must​ be an affirmative opt-in (not a pre-ticked box). Before you can use Bunting’s email tools, Bunting must know that consent has been given from each recipient. By default, Bunting […]

By: Ben Smith 10th May 2018

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‘Bunting’ Terms of Service

This agreement (the “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between the Customer and Bunting Software Ltd (a company registered in England and Wales with company number 08712116) whose registered office is The Media Centre, 07 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, HD1 1RL (“Bunting”). Bunting permits use of the Software Services and Documentation by the Customer […]

By: Stephen Tucker 9th May 2018

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Removing / Updating Product Accolades

Every product accolade within Bunting has its own CSS class. These are listed as follows: .bunting_accolade-most_popular .bunting_accolade-best_seller .bunting_accolade-lowest_price .bunting_accolade-last_one .bunting_accolade-last_chance .bunting_accolade-best_offer

By: Stephen Tucker 16th February 2017

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My tracking code isn’t working

A common cause of this issue is when a Bunting user has multiple websites, and has copy/pasted tracking codes between websites. Each website set up on Bunting has a unique tracking code especially for that site. Therefore, if you set up more than one website on Bunting then don’t copy across the tracking code from your other sites. […]

By: Stephen Tucker 7th September 2016

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