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Installation checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to give you assurance that every component of Bunting was installed correctly. This will give you troubleshooting advice about how to double-check and resolve any issues that might crop up.  It’s useful to do this immediately after completing the install to give peace of mind that you’re ready to begin using Bunting.

At a high level, the following should be checked:

  1. Conversions are being tracked by Bunting.
  2. Abandoned Carts are being tracked.
  3. Products in your XML feed match those on your website.
  4. Page specific Visitor Targeting will work correctly.
  5. On the Homepage.
  6. On the Category pages.
  7. On the Product Pages.
  8. On the Cart page.

Firstly, let’s deal with conversions. ?

If you have installed the Conversion Complete Page script. Go ahead and do the following test:

  1. Add a product to your basket.
  2. Go forth and place that order.
  3. Visit your Bunting Dashboard.
  4. On the top bar click Visits > Converted Visitors.
  5. Your recent orders should now be shown on this page.

However, if you get no conversions and see this screen:

This can be troubleshooted by:

  1. Add an item to your basket.
  2. Go through to the checkout page.
  3. Make a test order.
  4. On the order complete page, right click > Inspect Element > Ctrl + F (Or Command if on a Mac).
  5. Search for the term $_Bunting.d.op” and press enter.
  6. If you do not receive any results for this item, then it means the above script needs adding. The code here is imperative to tracking conversions in the system.
  7. If you do get results back then please ensure it is placed higher up in the <head> of the HTML document than the Bunting Generic Tracking Script. (If you are on Magento 1 then it would be advisable to put the Generic tracking code in the <body> tag, and the others in the <head> so you can guarantee that your variables are defined).
  8. Finally, once that is done, please ensure it matches the structure given under ‘Conversion Complete Page’ under Setup > Javascript Installation.

Check Abandoned Carts are being tracked. ?

  1. Visit the Bunting Dashboard and select Visitors > Abandoned Carts.
  2. If there is nothing registered here, please add something to your basket on your website.
  3. Go back to the Bunting Dashboard and click Visitor’s > All Visitors.
  4. You will see your profile as one of the most recent visitors, and it will show the Bunting logo on your record as you are an account holder with us.
  5. Click on your name, and then select “Cart”.
  6. If there is nothing here this implies that the Cart JavaScript tracking script is not added to your cart pages as given under Setup > Javascript Installation > I’ll do it myself > Shopping Cart Page.
  7. Please use this on your shopping cart pages as it pushes values to your cart which can be seen in the Bunting Dashboard. This is significant as it means you can track abandoned orders and send targeted emails to users to try and bring them back.

Check Products in your XML feed match those on your website. ??️

  1. On the Bunting Dashboard, click Setup > Product Data > Scroll down to the XML URL field and paste this into your browser.
  2. Please visit a product on your website and append #bunting_installation_mode=yes to the end of the product page URL and press enter (you might need to do this twice before an alert box pops up).
  3. Here you will see what the unique_product_code currently being reported by your website is. Note down this value and in your XML feed see if it exists (you can use a web browser or text editor to quickly find the value).
  4. If there is a mismatch then it will need to be corrected as this currently will impact on the accuracy of the product recommendations being given.

Check Visitor Targeting ?? is set up correctly on Homepage, Category page(s), Product Pages, and Cart page

  1. Please visit the Homepage, Category Page(s), Product Pages, and Cart Pages individually.
  2. Append #bunting_installation_mode=yes to the end of the URL in your browser and hit enter twice.
  3. You will see in the popup a value that announces to Bunting that you are on a specific page. E.g homepage = yes.
  4. If you are seeing these values then you can rest assured that you’re targeting will work ok.

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