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How do I use the Visual Editor?

What is the Visual Editor?

The Visual Editor is a tool built into the Bunting Platform. It is a strong resource for creating and editing content for use within Campaigns.

It allows the user to see the layout of the webpage and how the HTML elements are structured in order to display exactly which elements on the page can be edited. This is displayed to the user by outlining the element in blue and showing the class/id name. To begin editing all that has to be done is right-click the element and follow the menu.

Surely it must be more difficult than that? Nope, that’s it, and to show you just how quickly you can start creating content, we have created a simple example below.

Inserting Content

Often the first place to start when using Bunting is to place personalised content within the Campaign. Great. How is this done? Either by using a ready-made template or from scratch.


Then, by highlighting the elements on the page, you can select where to add the content. It’s worth mentioning that not all ready-made templates require placing, but the position can always be adjusted to suit your specific design requirements.

Above are the options for placing content depending on where you want them in relation to the element you have chosen. This gives you the option of where to place it within the highlighted element in relation to the current content or replacing that content altogether.

A common use case for this is to replace manually curated Product Recommendations with Bunting’s Product Recommendations. ?

Menu Options

Visual Editor Menu

Using the Visual Editor menu.

The Editor menu can vary depending on what type of content or element you click on. This will show the options that are available for it. An example of this is Hyperlinks – giving you the option to navigate to a URL within the Visual Editor.

How often content is shown and when to show it

Visual Editor Targeting Menu

Demonstration of the Visual Editor Targeting Menu

There is an option available to further cater the content by changing how often it is shown and when it is shown.

A great example of this is when a user has been on a site page for a long duration of time. Here, you can activate a live chat pop up to see if they need assistance. This kind of personalization goes along way to increasing value for the customer. ?

What if I make a mistake? Undo…


We all make mistakes, especially when using unfamiliar software. This isn’t a problem within the Bunting Visual Editor.

Within the editor, there is an option to Undo, Redo, Save and Close. This is located in the top right of the screen. You can undo and redo the last 15+ actions, allowing you to create content that works for you. Just remember to save any changes you want to keep before closing the editor.

How to change background images?

Changing background image

Changing background image of a message box promotion created from a Bunting template.

Changing or adding background images is easy within Bunting, all you need is a container to fill and a hyperlink to where your image is hosted. You can customize settings such as whether the background should be repeated and the background position, which is relative to the background image.

Home Knowledgebase Content Creation How do I use the Visual Editor?