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Features List ?

Bunting contains a variety of features, many of which you can find detailed on the main Bunting website. A more exhaustive list can be seen below. Last updated: 26/7/2018

Content Creation Tools 

  • Product Recommendations Intelligent, data-driven product recommendations, which appear seamlessly as part of your website’s content. Drag-and-drop integration makes plugging them in a one-minute task.
  • Lightbox A popup you show to visitors containing information. Useful for preventing shopper exits, welcoming visitors to your site, and making important prompts. Your website is normally darkened in the background when a lightbox is being displayed.
  • Message Box A box that appears at one corner of visitors’ screens, containing text or images. Less obtrusive than a lightbox. Great for offering special offers, reassuring visitors, or prompting an action.
  • Message Bar A horizontal bar that appears a the top or bottom of visitors’ screens, containing a single line of text.
  • Targeted Email Sends a personalised email to individual visitors, or to your support staff, which can contain product recommendations, abandoned cart products and text.
  • Feedback Form A feedback form that appears within a Bunting lightbox. You can download the responses from your Bunting account into a spreadsheet.
  • Redirect Visitors Send visitors to other pages on your website when appropriate. A useful common example is redirecting an international visitor to a version of your website that is written in their language.
  • Exit Message Show visitors a message that only appears when they try to close their browser. When combined with a special offer, this can produce an effective method of preventing visitor exits.
  • Shopping Cart Email A lightbox that appears to visitors, offering to send the contents of their shopping cart to their email. Bunting handles the form and the email sending, allowing you to easily collect more email addresses for later targeting.
  • Webhook Bunting can send visitor data to any URL of your choice with a webhook, allowing you to easily integrate with your CRM, website, or any other tool of your choice.
  • Javascript Execution Have Bunting execute a piece of Javascript that you give it.

Visitor Targeting Options ?

For a comprehensive list of visitor targeting options see our Guide to Segment Conditions.

Ready-Made Templates ?️

Ready-made templates are pre-made sets of personalised content, that can instantly be plugged into your website without any work required. They are quite general in nature, and have been designed to work with the vast majority of e-commerce websites. All have been tried and tested on many sites, and will normally produce a positive result on sales. Our ready-made templates are as follows:

  • Product Urgency/Scarcity messaging – People commonly react to a fear of missing out. This template shows a notification on product pages at the side of the browser window, telling shoppers how many units are left in stock (when between 1 and 9), and how many people have comparatively viewed it in the past hour (when above 10)
  • Prevent Shopper Exits Target one of the highest value visitor groups who you are losing: engaged visitors who have not purchased from you before, but are about to leave. This template displays a special offer (free delivery/percentage discount) to any visitor who has added a product to their cart, has never purchased before, and is showing intent to leave your website. Capture these valuable prospects before they get away!
  • Engage Indecisive Shoppers Some of your visitors may like what you have to offer, but simply don’t have the confidence to take your next step and become a customer. This tool displays a special offer (free delivery/percentage discount) to visitors who have made 5 visits or more, but who haven’t yet made a purchase.
  • Reassure International Visitors People to your website need to know that you will serve and deliver to their country. With this template they will know about it as soon as they hit your website, increasing your conversion rate to international visitors.
  • Rescue Abandoned Carts Most e-commerce websites report a 60% – 70% cart abandonment rate. This is a huge lost opportunity for increasing your revenue. This template will send abandoning visitors an email with the contents of their shopping cart, and similar product recommendations to raise sales.
  • Indecisive Shopper Support Research often shows that visitors who view reassurance pages, such as your FAQs, convert better than people who don’t. This tool targets indecisive visitors who have viewed more than 10 pages and who haven’t purchased before, and displays an invite to view your FAQs / Support page.

Newsletter Personalisation ✉️

In addition to adding Bunting’s powerful data-driven product recommendations to your website’s pages, you can also embed our recommendation widgets into your HTML newsletters. These are incredibly easy to create, taking just minutes to finish, and are compatible with all major email service providers (such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc). A great way to instantly increase your click-through rate.

Click Fraud Monitoring ?️

In addition to website personalisation, Bunting offers you a powerful free click fraud monitoring service. Every visit that arrives via a PPC ad click is recorded within visitors’ profiles. You can adjust the fraud suspect sensitivity levels (or optionally turn the feature off), and Bunting will produce a benchmark for what is normal. Any visitor who clicks an abnormally high number of your ads will be flagged as suspicious, and you will be informed by email. You can then use Bunting to communicate with them (“Please don’t click our ads – bookmark us!”), download a list of their IP addresses to block via your PPC platform, or even get a report that you can use to request a refund.

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