Setting up Category Specific Recommendations for Specific Pages

First, go into the Inactive Campaigns section within Bunting and create a new set of Product Recommendations by going to Create New Campaign. Then, select From Scratch which will take you to the visitor targeting step. From here you can target a specific URL, for example, a specific promotion you are running on a type of […]

By: Andy Alban 13th November 2018

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Feature List

Features List ? Bunting contains a variety of features, many of which you can find detailed on the main Bunting website. A more exhaustive list can be seen below. Last updated: 26/7/2018 Content Creation Tools  Product Recommendations Intelligent, data-driven product recommendations, which appear seamlessly as part of your website’s content. Drag-and-drop integration makes plugging them in a one-minute task. […]

By: Andy Alban 26th July 2018 Tags: ,

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Installation checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to give you assurance that every component of Bunting was installed correctly. This will give you troubleshooting advice about how to double-check and resolve any issues that might crop up.  It’s useful to do this immediately after completing the install to give peace of mind that you’re ready to […]

By: Andy Alban Tags: , , ,

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What Product Recommendation algorithms are there?

Bunting offers many algorithms which can be applied to Product Recommendations, with each having certain levels of suitability for different pages of your eCommerce website. The following list details the algorithms and the uses for them: Adaptive – These are the default setting for recommendations from Bunting using a machine learning algorithm to detect what […]

By: Andy Alban 22nd June 2018 Tags: , ,

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How to filter recommendations by Brand?

How to filter recommendations by Brand? This can be implemented on variations in a recommendations content campaign in the Recommendations Settings. Here if you navigate to Content of Recommendations then Filters there is a Brand Filters drop-down. From here there are 2 options. Only show products from the following brands: or Hide products from the […]

By: Andy Alban 12th June 2018

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How do I change the Product Recommendations algorithm?

Within the content section of the Product Recommendation, select the Product Recommendation Settings. If you go to the Content of Recommendations section there is an algorithm dropdown. This can be accessed from the following breadcrumb trail: Inactive/Active Campaigns -> Product Recommendation Campaign -> Content -> Product Recommendation Variation -> Recommendation Settings By default, this is […]

By: Andy Alban

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Designing captivating lightbox content

Good content is the foundation of the web, and this should also be applicable to your lightbox content. We would recommend using the following lightbox guidelines: Size of no larger than 900x450px. Font Size of at least 16px. Clear contrasting colours, especially where the close button is concerned, and any other calls-to-action. Use either PNG or […]

By: Ben Smith

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Removing / Updating Product Accolades

Every product accolade within Bunting has its own CSS class. These are listed as follows: .bunting_accolade-most_popular .bunting_accolade-best_seller .bunting_accolade-lowest_price .bunting_accolade-last_one .bunting_accolade-last_chance .bunting_accolade-best_offer

By: Stephen Tucker 16th February 2017

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