How to setup visitor targeting?

Do you have an idea for a Campaign that requires specific targeting constraints? ?‍?‍?‍? Why not check out the Visitor Targeting section for your campaign. Here there are an extensive amount of conditions which can be added together to create rules. These rules are a criteria of statements that must be true in order for Campaign to be […]

By: Andy Alban 16th October 2018 Tags: , , ,

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How to set up a split test and measure the results!

When you create a piece of content with Bunting, you run through a 3 step process, Visitor targeting > Content > Measure Impact. To set up split testing, all you have to do is change the drop-down under “Run a split test to measure impact?” on the Measure Impact page to Yes and let Bunting do […]

By: Andy Alban 20th July 2018 Tags: , , ,

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Server Side A/B Split Testing with Bunting

Server-side split testing with Bunting is quick and easy to set up with this guide. However, before we continue, it is important to define what a server side split test is in Bunting, and how it differs from a client side split test. Definitions Server side: Content is delivered from your servers before page load, […]

By: Stephen Tucker 4th June 2018

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What is a Control Group?

What is a Control Group? Control Groups are portions of your visitors who are not exposed to the sales material presented by Bunting. They represent your website as it would be performing without Bunting. Control Groups allow you to accurately measure improvements (or drops) in your bottom line sales. The Site-wide control group By default […]

By: Stephen Tucker 8th January 2016

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