Should I include product variants within my Bunting XML feed?

Let’s say you have a product, such as a t-shirt, in several sizes. Should you submit the product several times in each size? The answer is: no. You should only submit the product once. To produce content, such as product recommendations, Bunting only needs to know general information about products, such as their names, prices, and image […]

By: Stephen Tucker 28th January 2016

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How can test my Bunting installation?

To test your Bunting installation on any page, simply get your website URL and append the following value: #bunting_installation_mode=yes For example: An information popup will appear, containing all the data that is being sent from your website to Bunting. Your product pages should contain an indented section with the product ID, whereas your cart and conversion complete pages […]

By: Stephen Tucker 26th January 2016

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