Should I include product variants within my Bunting XML feed?

Let’s say you have a product, such as a t-shirt, in several sizes. Should you submit the product several times in each size?

The answer is: no. You should only submit the product once.

To produce content, such as product recommendations, Bunting only needs to know general information about products, such as their names, prices, and image URLs, etc.

Including the same product multiple times in different variations can, and probably will, result in multiples of the same product being recommended at the same time.


Names: We generally recommend that you don’t include any variable information at all in the product name.
Prices: If the price changes per variant then we normally recommend including the lowest price only.  When you are setting up recommendations within Bunting, label the price as ‘From: xxx‘.
Images: If the variant notably affects the image (and importantly, the customer’s decision to buy) – for example, different colours – then this may the only time you wish to include each product variant separately in your XML feed. Else, use one image that accurately represents all variants.