Most popular / trending product recommendations show inaccurate results

Is order data being collected?

How to Diagnose: Within the affected website on Bunting, click ‘Visitor Profiles’. If the tab ‘Converted Visitors’ doesn’t contain any visitors then the conversion tracking script may not have been installed correctly.

Explanation: Bunting bases popular product recommendations on the number of times they’ve been ordered over the last day (labelled ‘trending’), week or month.

If your account doesn’t yet contain any order data then this would cause the issue, as all products are currently equal in terms of Bunting’s knowledge of their popularity. No order data being recorded is normally due to the order tracking script not having been installed correctly. This is particularly the case if a large number of product views and add-to-cart actions have already been recorded.

If the web team gets the order tracking code in place then recommendations will become much more accurate, and popular products will start to appear correctly within a few hours, increasing in accuracy over the next few days.

You can get the order tracking script on this page under the heading ‘Thank you page code’: