How to update your email database in Bunting with customer consent (GDPR compliance)

It is now necessary to obtain consent from your customers in the EU in order to send email marketing communications, including abandoned cart emails. This ​must​ be an affirmative opt-in (not a pre-ticked box).

Before you can use Bunting’s email tools, Bunting must know that consent has been given from each recipient. By default, Bunting sets all visitor’s email subscription statuses as being opted out (‘optout’).

There are two ways to let Bunting know which customers have given their consent to receive emails. The first (and primary) method is to add a piece of Javascript to your website that only appears within the page when the visitor has subscribed. Bunting will see it, and subscribe the visitor automatically. You’d typically make this code appear during the checkout, after a person has checked a box saying they wish to subscribe.

You can find this code in websites > installation (I’ll do it myself) > tracking code (scroll to the bottom).

Here it is:

This will subscribe people as they visit your website.

The second is via our RESTful API – you can find this also within the Setup section, and it allows you to send a command to Bunting which basically states “here’s an email address, subscribe it”. This allows you to automate the process of re-subscribing people, without them having to first revisit your website.

You can find documentation on how to do this within your Bunting account > Bunting API > API Methods > profiles/update > Email Subscription Status