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How priority affects visitor segments

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How priority affects visitor segments

Many actions in Bunting, such as lightboxes, header bars and website exit confirmation messages, are single instance actions. This means that two of the same type of action cannot load in one page view by a visitor.

For example; Say you have defined two visitor segments. One activates a lightbox containing an promotional message, the other activates a lightbox containing a feedback form. If a visitor matches the criteria of both visitor segment conditions then Bunting will have to choose between which lightbox to load, as it cannot show both in the same page view. This is where segment priorities come in.

Visitor segment actions are prioritised in the order that their parent segments appear on the Behavioral Targeting list. So, if a confliction should occur, the lightbox within a segment appearing at the top of the list will be displayed, rather than any other lightbox within a segment lower on that list.

You can easily rearrange the list of priorities with the ‘Raise’ and ‘Lower’ links on the Visitor Segments list.

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