Server Side A/B Split Testing with Bunting

Server-side split testing with Bunting is quick and easy to set up with this guide. However, before we continue, it is important to define what a server side split test is in Bunting, and how it differs from a client side split test.


Server side: Content is delivered from your servers before page load, not from Bunting after page load. Your server must define who to show content to, and informs Bunting via Javascript which variation/control group each visitor is in.

Client side: Content is delivered from Bunting’s servers via Javascript. Bunting handles the visitor targeting, and manages the distribution of visitors across each of the different variation/control groups for you.

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What is a Control Group?

What is a Control Group?

Control Groups are portions of your visitors who are not exposed to the sales material presented by Bunting. They represent your website as it would be performing without Bunting. Control Groups allow you to accurately measure improvements (or drops) in your bottom line sales.

The Site-wide control group

By default Bunting isolates 10% of your website’s total visitor base into a Control Group, to demonstrate how well Bunting is working for your business. We believe in being fair and transparent, and hence the sales improvement figures appear right on your desktop. If you want to increase the percentage of visitors who go into your control group then you can do via your website monitor settings page. However, please keep in mind that a higher the control group percentage will mean the less visitors will be exposed to personalised advertising material, and therefore you may unnecessarily miss out on sales. Your website monitor control group can range from 10% – 50%.

Action-specific control groups

In Bunting you can optionally set Control Groups for specific actions. Doing so allows you to split A/B test each action you put in place, in order to scientifically measure the effect on your bottom line sales. To do this, simply set a Control Group when you are creating or editing an action, using the ‘Control Group’ field. If you don’t want to set a control group for an action then simply set the Control Group to ‘None’. This is relevant if you’re setting a personalisation feature on your website that you don’t expect or intend to affect your bottom line sales.