Adding a Countdown Timer to an Email

Adding a Countdown Timer to An Email

When creating behavioural targeting emails you can add a countdown timer to add urgency. To do this, amend the field ‘Countdown’ with one of the following values:

  1. A numerical value between 1 and 8765 represents a countdown in hours from the time the email is sent. 8765 is the number of hours in one year, thus one year is the maximum timer of this type. This timer starts relative to when each email is sent.
  2. Any numerical value above 8765 represents a Unix Timestamp. A Unix Timestamp is a 10-digit number that can be used to identify any time to a precise second. Say you wanted all recipients to see the same countdown to a specific date and time (such as mid-night on New Year’s Eve) you would use a timestamp. This website will let you easily create a timestamp to your needs.
  3. The word ‘midnight‘ will set the countdown to midnight of the day it is loaded.